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Contacts come in a variety of types and can be fitted to the specific needs of nearly any patient. My Optical in Brooklyn, NY performs contact lens exams and fittings that will allow the patient to see clearly at last.t last.

Contacts Q&A

How Long Does it Take to Adjust to Wearing Contact Lenses?

That depends on the individual and on the specific type of contact lenses. For most people, it is easy to adjust to wearing soft contact lenses made from hydrogel or from silicone hydrogel. In most cases, it takes just a few days or less to get used to contacts. People who opt for Rigid Gas Permeable lenses may need longer to get used to their new contacts, as these lenses are hard. Even with hard lenses, it usually takes no more than a couple of weeks to grow accustomed to the lenses with daily use.

How Hard is it to Care for Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are remarkably easy care in most cases. Some lenses are daily wear, and are discarded after a single use. These require no care at all. Other lenses need to be removed each night to be soaked in a special contact lens solution. It is very important to follow all care recommendations closely to keep eyes healthy. Never wear lenses for longer than recommended, and don't sleep in contacts.

Can a Contact Lens Disappear in the Eye?

No. While it may sometimes appear to vanish in the eye, the lens cannot disappear. Usually, a gentle eye rub will be sufficient to dislodge the contact from where it's hiding in the eyelid.

What is the Right Age to Start Wearing Contacts?

It depends on the person. Some children are responsible enough to wear contacts when they are as young as 10 to 12 years of age, but others should wait until they are older teens. The eye doctor can advise parents on the right age for their child to try contacts for the first time.

What Are the Options in Contacts?

There are a wide variety of options in contact lenses today. There are single use lenses and extended wear lenses, and patients can also choose from unique options like colored lenses.

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