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Eyeglasses are needed for vision correction of all types, whether it's nearsightedness, farsightedness, or something else that is the problem. My Optical in Brooklyn, NY is ready to help with eyeglass exams and custom fittings.

Eyeglasses Q&A

Why is it Important to Get Prescription Eyeglasses Rather Than Generic Glasses at the Store?

The generic eyeglasses at the local store are reading glasses that are designed to be supplements for people with only very minor vision problems. They are not customized in any way, and these glasses may cause eye strain or even chronic headaches in some people. Anyone who has different prescriptions in each eye, anyone who has astigmatism, or anyone who has any serious degree of vision issues will do far better to get custom made eyeglasses that have their own unique prescription lenses. Prescription eyeglasses are also better because they require an examination. During the examination, the eye doctor will be able to look for emerging eye issues so that treatment can be started right away if necessary. The "silent" diseases, such as glaucoma, can be identified in their early stages during a vision exam.

How Can the Right Eyeglass Frames be Chosen?

A patient can rely on advice from their eye care providers when choosing the right frames. There are such a large variety of frames available today that something can be chosen to fit any person's facial structure and personal preferences.

Can Eyeglass Reflections Be Reduced or Eliminated For Better Vision?

Many people who wear eyeglasses cite glare as one of the more frustrating parts about wearing glasses. Fortunately, there is an anti-glare solution known as an anti-reflective coating. This coating allows for easier vision and will eliminate the glare spots that can show up in photographs.

Is There an Eyeglass/Sunglass Hybrid?

Yes, photochromic lenses are an eyeglass and sunglass hybrid. These lenses will darken when they are exposed to UV light (typically, whenever a person is outside.) Once back indoors, the lenses will lighten to normal again. This is a great option for anyone who doesn't want to maintain separate prescription glasses and prescription eyeglasses.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Vision insurance is a wellness benefit designed to provide routine eye care, prescription eyeware, and other vision-related services at a reduced cost. Because we provide both medical and routine eye care, we accept a number of insurance plans to help. If you do not see your plan listed, please give us a call. We also accept

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Davis Vision
Health First
Superior Vision
United Healthcare